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The Full Story

Who We Are

Aaron Northcutt has been in construction now for over 30 years.  He started when he was sixteen years old on a framing crew and grew up learning everything he could about that trade to have the knowledge to open his own business one day.  He married his wife Ashley in 1999 and they started their own framing company, framing hundreds of houses for 20 years.  Ashley was also raised around construction growing up in a home where sheetrock, tape bed, and texture were the household business.  They built a handful of custom-build jobs while owning their framing company, but decided to make that their focus in 2014 when Aaron partnered up with a friend to start Texas Diamond Custom Homes.  He successfully co-owned TDCH for 10 years until he and his wife started their new family business 1188 Builders.  


Why The Name

1188 Builders was named after the road Aaron grew up on.  It was on that same road that he and Ashley lived when they first started their life together.  They felt it was only fitting to start their company with the same.

More About
our Family

Aaron and Ashley met at Bible College and have always had a strong faith and relationship with God.  He is their center and they have raised their three sons with the same core values of serving God, serving in the church, and serving others in any way God leads them to.  Konner is the Youth Director at his church and has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business, he is currently working on his Master's Degree in Divinity.  He works for the business on occasion when he is available.  Kale is married to Savannah and he works hand in hand with Aaron building dream homes for their clients.  He has been a quick learner and enjoys the building process.  He also is dedicated to serving God and his church and uses his talent behind the camera for both the church and the business.  Kolby is enrolled in a biblical church leadership program where he is gaining biblical knowledge and interning at his church several days a week.  He also works for the company on the days he is not at the church helping anywhere he is needed.  All three boys have developed a very strong work ethic and Aaron and Ashley are very proud of the men they are becoming. 

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